The Apprentices

Thursday, 24 April 2014

I’m in my second of three teams now, the ‘Family Office’, and I feel just as comfortable here as in my last team. I am definitely noticing the differences between the teams, as my work here has shifted from solely accountancy work to a mix of accounts and taxation. I hear that in my next team I will be doing mainly tax work, so I really am getting a good impression of the different roles here in our department. I no longer compare coming into work to school life, as employment seems normal to me now! Attending college and starting my revision for my tax exams (ATT) has been helpful in the adjustment as well, as this has been a ‘bridge’ between school and working life. I think the increased complexity of the tasks given to me shows the responsibility that I have been given, and I know some of the apprentices feel the same. All in all everything is going well right now, and there is little else to say besides the fact that I am enjoying working in my current team, and excited to see what the next team brings.

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