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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

It’s now the middle of August and I’m almost half-way through my Rathbones apprenticeship. Since early July I’ve been working in the Personal Tax team that completes Tax Returns for both internal and external clients wanting Rathbones to assist with their tax affairs. As we get closer and closer to the Return submission deadline in January it is certainly getting busier. If I didn’t already feel like part of the company then this team would make sure I did so, giving me a lot of responsibility with completing client Returns. Whilst these are all reviewed before they are sent out, there is a bit of pressure to complete the Returns accurately to reduce the time spent by more senior employees in correcting my mistakes! Though the work can be difficult sometimes I am grateful for the trust that has been put in me to carry out such advanced tasks. When I first started this apprenticeship I had envisioned myself making tea, filing documents and filling envelopes for 24 months. Whilst I still have to do this on occasion, (and I can now make a mean cup of tea!) there are a lot of things I’ve been given the opportunity to do that I could never have imagined completing at this age. Just over a year ago I was spending most of my days with my head buried in a textbook, waiting to start my A-Level exams. Now I sit at my own desk at a top wealth management firm, helping to ensure that clients comply with tax legislation. It’s safe to say that this first year has been full of change, but it’s been one that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Bring on January!

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