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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

New Role

I am now an incredible 16 and a half months into the apprenticeship and there have been a few changes/events recently. First of all, I am now working in Operations in the Contracts team. This is a 3 month spell of February-April and I am really enjoying it so far. As the newcomer, many of my tasks are administrative as you might expect, but it’s very interesting experiencing just how much the front office benefits from an efficient back office and seeing this first-hand rather than just hearing about it. I was a tiny bit nervous about moving to a new team at first, but like everyone I’ve met at Rathbones they are all incredibly friendly and this has made the transition very easy. As we approach the Tax Year end the workload is expected to increase so it is good timing for my move, as hopefully I can lend a helping hand. Secondly, the apprentices recently visited the London office to speak to some of the staff there and learn a bit more about the similarities and differences between how different offices operate. It was a really interesting trip and my only complaint is that there just wasn’t enough time to see everything there! Again, our colleagues were all very friendly and had as many questions about the apprenticeship as we did about the London office. After listening to various heads of departments tell us about their teams’ roles in the business, we spent a very informative 30 minutes with a fund manager before meeting the Rathbone Investment Management Committee around noon. The afternoon was spent on a finance-related walking tour of the City with a fantastic tour guide, and despite the intermittent snow this was another great experience. I am looking forward to my last 6 months here at Rathbones as an apprentice and for whatever the future may bring.

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